Meet the Writer


My name is Phoenix Ross. I’ve been writing since age twelve. It started out as a way to vent to deal with problems I was having at the time. I’ve found the older I get the more my writing helps me; it often gives me a place to hide away in. I have always loved to read. My favorites have been writers like Edgar Allen Poe and the most recent John Green.
I grew up in a Christian home, at the age of fifteen I accepted Christ into my life. Since studying the bible more I have learned about the gifts God gives each of us. I truly believe my gift is writing. While I do like to introduce Christianity I am not an “in-your-face-Christian”. I feel too many people have turned away from God because of those people.
I do not classify my works under religion but perhaps spiritual; I haven’t quite found what genre to classify it. I simply write from the heart. My writing has been called “dark”, but it can not be put in this genre. Many people think dark… then think evil. That’s not my writing. My writing has a depressing undertone often but usually ends uplifting, because in life God is there for you, has been the whole time, especially when you didn’t see Him working or feel His Spirit, He was still there. I would like to say my writing could help others suffering from similar issues I have myself. I don’t believe my writing style could be put into one exact genre because I write a mixture, sometimes lighthearted, sometimes deep.
I really enjoy giving the reader something to think about while they’re reading. I don’t always come straight out with a thought sometimes there is just enough there to make the reader come to their own conclusion. I like taking the reader down a path then throwing a road block up and making a turn they were not expecting.
I enjoy writing smaller things such as I have posted here on my blog. However I also have a novel that is about half written. I had so wanted to complete it before the end of 2014, but life keeps getting in the way. I think this is just God’s way of telling me, ‘not yet’. There will be a finish to it, but for now I will post my work here. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy creating them.

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